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We are an excellent Property Management System that integrates with all critical operations on one platform. We bring easy access, swift navigation and effortless hotel management. Enhance your experience and get the best, flexible property management solution with us.

We offer full Control over your property

There is no other PMS that can give you as much control as we give. We add unlimited users, room types without any limitation. We are a product that is focused on the hotelier with a mission to offer the most added-value as possible.

Our team works 24/7 for you

We understand the importance of our customers so we have in-house hospitality experts which work 24/7 for you. We won’t stop until we fix your issue. Our core values define us as individuals to get success and grow a business. Our dedicated team mainly focuses on giving technical and operational support.

Make more without any hassle

You simply have to stay connected with us, as our goal is to protect your investment, minimise your costs and maximise your income without interrupting in your daily life. We are here to help you out in the increase of your hotel booking revenue with connecting from small to the medium sales and distribution.

Start our Easy PMS and leave the hard work up to us

We follow very easy and simple approach. We provide professional, trustworthy PMS which makes easy to learn and use it. Our expert team is always ready to support and assist you whenever you want to. Whether you are an investor with rental homes or a landlord we have all your solution.

We have User Experience like no other

Our User Experience merely results in beautiful and great design usability. We achieve better usability with audience to have a clear idea and get instant responses even on basic internet connection. We work on complex task to show better results and perform faster.

Boost your Revenue

There is no hidden cost added so you can enjoy your hotel management system without making any payments or spending anywhere unnecessarily. We know how to run an independent hotel which isn’t an easy task. Not only this, but we also build a partnership with a company that understands the unique challenges and save money & time.

Strong room security

We offer a highly secure and strong server that comes with multiple failovers to give uninterrupted services. Our strength lies in building secure data transfer tool that understands the basis of our services and performs best as recommended. Our data is placed at highly secure location so you do any number of transactions without any risk.

Get Immediate ROI

We provide cost effective and easy to use high quality customer services. Not only this but your initial cost are also very less, if you have subscribe monthly wise. The cost remains minimal and limited only as you grow.

Easy Set-up & Operation

With us there is no need to install or maintain any computer software. Our users are always ready to have access to the system which uses latest features and updates that comes free and seamless.

Integrated and customized Web Reservation

We offer useful features that integrate online reservation system where there is no need to allocate separate room inventory for the web booking. In real time the booking occurs when the room inventory is updated. The web reservation system works with online shop and it would reflect your corporate identity with offering high standards of services.

Auto Data Backup

The auto update function helps to keep the system up to date. The reservation system which you are using comes with automatically storing system. This helps in security and protects your data from theft, physical damage, viruses and malware. The nodes of the system are updated automatically if the system is running the server with using latest version of it.

Implement a powerful online strategy easily

With using multiple channels, you can sell on your website without any complexity. We have easy customization of invoice with graphical interface. You can manage to have multiple distributors and update them through a single centralised platform.

Increase Occupancy

We achieve room availability by using centralized inventory and sell them to the other property on the global market. You can even maximize your flexibility with minimum stay and close arrival on a day-by-day basis.

Select a design that fits

We prepare an awesome design that fits and blend within your website easily. Our designs comes with full of good surprises so that you can concentrate on the essential point and simplify the process as per client’s requirements.

EIHMS : Easy Integrated Hotel Management System

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