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We EIHMS (Easy Integrated Hotel Management System) is a cloud based PMS system build for small and mid-size properties. We offer full featured front desk solution for your hotel. Our PMS helps you to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your hotel. We understand your business, identify the hidden opportunity and use strategies that come with optimised priced.

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We are an excellent Property Management System that integrates with all critical operations on one platform. We bring easy access, swift navigation and effortless hotel management. Enhance your experience and get the best, flexible property management solution with us.

We offer full Control over your property

There is no other PMS that can give you as much control as we give. We add unlimited users, room types without any limitation. We are a product that is focused on the hotelier with a mission to offer the most added-value as possible.

Our team works 24/7 for you

We understand the importance of our customers so we have in-house hospitality experts which work 24/7 for you. We won’t stop until we fix your issue. Our core values define us as individuals to get success and grow a business. Our dedicated team mainly focuses on giving technical and operational support.

Make more without any hassle

You simply have to stay connected with us, as our goal is to protect your investment, minimise your costs and maximise your income without interrupting in your daily life. We are here to help you out in the increase of your hotel booking revenue with connecting from small to the medium sales and distribution.

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We follow very easy and simple approach. We provide professional, trustworthy PMS which makes easy to learn and use it. Our expert team is always ready to support and assist you whenever you want to. Whether you are an investor with rental homes or a landlord we have all your solution.


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Benefits of an All-in-One Hotel Management System

Actual business controls

There are many hotels who do not venture out to gather information regularly. Instead, they get involved in the process to get results. The choice is yours; choose a hotel management system that allows integrating and displaying reports in a centralised format.

Bring about guest reservations

Guests are facing the severe problem when the hotels are operating from different vendors. Many amendments are made but they are not recorded in PMS from OTA which leads to frustration. So the best way to integrate hotel management systems is to have integrated hotel management systems which ensure data to sync across systems.

Integration complexity and cost

There is the new version available to increase maintenance cost. Moreover, there are hotel owners who are always in search of support related issues. So the best solution is that we can integrate hotel management system from the single vendor and eliminate all these troubles.

The frustration of managing different vendors

We know that dealing with multiple vendors sometimes quite frustrating. It would be easier to work with an integrated solution provider that can have one contract, one invoice and one support.

Guest Satisfaction

We know there are risks in taking your business elsewhere. So to make hotel staff engage more to access the better systems with delighting the guests.

Best-in-Class solution

When you are not able to manage single hotel management system that doesn’t come with full functionality and then select a vendor that has both standalone solutions and integrated solutions

System and staff training

Hotel staff always found it difficult to handle multiple systems so the best solution is to integrate the system and carry on with good business.

Missed opportunities and distribution delays

You’re missing the opportunity if your hotel’s details don’t show up on OTA and then not in PMS to Channel Manager so this how your delay time is doubled.

Do you know this?

Minimise your effort by 4 hours a day with choose right hotel management system, isn’t it great!

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We at 24/7 support from a real person, visit our site to get support for your product. We are specialised in providing support with reliable and cost-effective solutions. Interested in our products and services Request a Call-back

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started on EIHMS?

EIHMS has its free standard version, which helps to manage room availabilities and customer’s reservation. You can just get started with our free trail system and get to know about EIHMS.

How do we provide training and support on using EIHMS?

EIHMS is an amazing system to work with. This system is really easy to understand. Further, we provide online training and support that can work round the clock. We have the expert staff that will assist you in real-time and complete all your task successfully.

EIHMS : Easy Integrated Hotel Management System

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